Analyze My Risk

A common question we are often asked when sitting down with a prospect or client is "How much risk am I taking in my plan?"  This is a loaded question as:

  1. There are numerous types of risks to consider

  2. Each person's perception of risk is different

What we have found to be a prudent approach in trying to answer this question is to use technology.  We have partnered with Riskalyze to use the power of computers to gauge all sorts of different risks, from inflation, to concentration, and of course volatility.  Riskalyze is a state of the art analytics tool that helps you see the risks in your investment portfolio by finding your risk number, which we then use to start a dialogue towards building a portfolio around an acceptable level of risk and return to help you meet your planning goals.  Click here to learn more about Riskalyze.

By answering a few questions in a quick questionnaire, you will see the given level of risk you are taking with your investments and what that could translate to in different "stress test" scenarios.  Whether you want to see how your portfolio may have stood up in the Great Recession, or see how exposed your investments were to the inflation spike of the 1970's, this tool can provide some very powerful information that will lead to very constructive discussions. Start by finding your risk number!