How We're Different

With Grand Glaize Wealth Management you get a team of licensed professionals.  A team that will engage in internal debate around the best course of action for you.  A team dedicated to diligence when selecting investments and implementing a plan.  A team with different viewpoints and backgrounds, so you get a diverse range of ideas and solutions to help you reach your goals. 

As an independent wealth management firm, we have no proprietary products or incentive to sell any particular stock, fund, or annuity.  Our role is to be educators for our clients and give comprehensive financial planning advice.  We can explain to you the concepts of risk, different types of investments, provide market insights, and we can use a wide variety of tools to put you in the best position to succeed.

Furthermore, we believe that providing a means to quality alternative options outside of traditional stocks and bonds are more crucial than ever given the volatile climate in equities and systemically low interest rates.  With access to asset classes such as venture capital, private equity & debt, real estate, oil & gas limited partnerships, and much more, we can help source the right types of investments across the risk spectrum, and choose those alternatives that would make the most sense for your investment strategy.  See below our video explaining the role of alternatives in a well-diversified portfolio.