Our Services

Investment Management

 For clients looking for advice on portfolio construction to meet your income needs, risk tolerances, time horizons, family dynamics and long-term goals

  • We offer discretionary, separately managed accounts for the tactical investor or traditional brokerage services for those seeking a “buy and hold” approach
  • Provide access to non-correlating investments like venture capital, private equity, real estate, non-traded bonds/preferred stocks/REITs, oil and gas rights, and more

Financial Planning

For clients looking for assistance in an area outside of  investments such as:

  • Liquidity Planning – creating a budget, managing cash flow, establishing an appropriate emergency fund
  • Employee Benefit Planning – discussing retirement offerings (401k, 403b, etc.), group life and health plans, or stock option plans
  • Insurance Planning – reviewing current life, health, and long-term care policies while discussing what other types may be needed, and whether annuities might be an appropriate fit
  • Education Planning – looking at 529 plans and other savings vehicles for higher education
  • Retirement Planning – reviewing how much you need to have saved and appropriate withdrawal rates to meet needs

Wealth Management 

For clients who desire the most engaged relationship and looking for an all-encompassing plan whereby we manage their assets and help them navigate their entire financial lives

  • In addition to investment management and financial planning, we help the client set up a legacy plan and include estate planning and tax efficient strategies with the help of the client's other professionals (CPAs/Trust Lawyers)